The beauty of Argenta prints

Our point of difference is that each fine art Argenta print is fused onto the highest quality, archival, heat-pressed aluminium, creating a collectible heirloom, limited to an edition of just 25.

Our unique edition print process:

Every image is prepared and created as a giclée print. We then fuse each print onto superior metal. We heat both the print and the metal to an incredible temperature while applying pressure. This transforms the ink particles into a gas which then bonds with the polymers in the aluminium, fusing the image to the metal. There is no glaze and the prints do not need glass which would hide their glory.

Each print has an intense depth and colour intensity that is comparable to that of traditional Cibachrome prints or photographs produced using Kodak Kodachrome or Fujifilm Velvia colour-reversal or transparency films. 


When you buy an Argenta print, you know you are buying something that will increase in value. Each print is not only alive with the energy of the image, but the print process renders the print water proof and fire retardant, helping ensure longevity, value and its beauty as an heirloom and investment.

We restrict each print to a limited edition of 25 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist, Argenta and has the wax Argenta seal of validity.

Why buy Limited Editions?

Limited Editions have been standard since the 19th Century, the lower the number of edition the more valuable and collectible. As prints are sold (called off) against the edition, we log the print sales and monitor the balance of the the edition still available.

Sizes –  Standard sizes A2, A1, A0, 1500mm x 1000mm, 1750mm x 1000mm, and each can be cut and shaped to size and framed or float mounted on your wall.